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The best thing about solar is it will save you money and it will save the world. Renewable energy sources like solar have become more widespread in the past decade as utilities are recognizing the cost effectiveness and reliability of solar. Plus Texas is one of the best places on the planet for solar energy production.

Texas has wide open spaces and we get lots of sun.

Solar is not a fad, the first solar cell was patented by Edward Weston in 1888. There have been over one hundred years of perfecting the solar panel production and installation process. Texas solar installers have become so good at the installation process that most residential solar installs take only one day to complete. With some local utilities the system can even be turned on that same day.

Let’s not forget how important the expansion of solar and other renewable energies are for the future. Even with government regulations, fossil fuel power-plants expel CO2 gases into the atmosphere. Plus, for every megawatt-hour (MWH) of energy produced up to 714 gallons of water is loss according to the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s May 2007 study. That doesn’t sound like a lot until we look at how much energy Texas uses per day. According to the 2015 numbers on the US Energy Information website Texas uses 12,898 trillion Btu per year; broken down that means on average Texas uses 10,356 MWH per day. Meaning roughly 7.4 million gallons of our water is lost daily to energy production via fossil fuels. The good part about solar is it doesn’t use one drop of water to produce energy.

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