Solar Tax Credits for the Austin and San Antonio Community

With solar energy becoming more and more mainstream, residents of Austin and San Antonio can enjoy a solar tax credit to offset any costs incurred during a solar panel installation. This solar incentive for Texans is a great way to make use of a tax credit to implement a home upgrade that will increase the value of your home, reduce utility bills, and make a positive impact on the environment.

Texas Solar Guys is here to help with all you need to know about the residential solar tax credit now available to those living in Austin, San Antonio, and throughout Texas. The Federal solar tax credit, ITC, applies to both solar installations with and without batteries.

This significant incentive comes in the form of a 30% federal solar tax credit for home and commercial solar systems installed prior to December 31, 2032. That’s why it’s crucial to take advantage of this program now before this unique money-saving opportunity is no longer available.

Solar Incentives for Austin Residents

In addition to the 30% residential solar tax credit currently available for communities in Austin, Texas, other programs are also available to incentivize residential solar installations. Some of these Texas solar power incentives include:

Buyback Plans: A homeowner’s power bill is credited when excess solar power is sent back to the power grid. Individuals available for this credit must live in a covered service area.

Solar Rebates Offered by Local Power Companies: Some companies in Austin area offer rebates to offset the upfront purchase cost of a home and commercial solar system installations. Such as Austin Energy and Oncor Energy

Property Tax Exemptions for Solar Upgrades: This is, in form, another residential solar tax credit that provides a property tax exemption for solar upgrades added to a residential property. Austin and San Antonio residents won’t have to worry about an increase in their property tax for any value added to the home via solar panel installation.

Any homeowner interested in Texas solar incentives can contact Texas Solar Guys for more information. Our solar power experts will walk you through the available options you’ll have access to in your location. Always contact a professional when it comes to solar panel installation and commercial solar services for small business owners.

30% Residential Solar Tax Credit and Other Texas Solar Rebates Put Solar Within Reach For Everyone

Solar tax credits for Texas residents are the perfect way for every homeowner to begin enjoying the many benefits of solar energy. With increased home values, lower utility bills, and a reduced carbon footprint, it’s no wonder that Austin and San Antonio residents are saying the time is now to invest in solar and get a residential solar tax credit.

Contact Texas Solar Guys for more information about having a solar panel installation performed on your home. Our experienced team of solar power specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have about residential solar tax credits or any other solar incentives the residents of Texas can enjoy. We also offer solar panel repairs for existing residential solar installations and provide comprehensive solar re-roofing services. Give us a call and receive your solar system estimate today.