Are solar panels delaying your re-roof?

Texas Solar Guys De-installing solar panels

Most roofer simply don’t have the knowledge or experience to properly remove solar panels and to re-
install them. Texas Solar Guys is the team you need when you’re ready for your re-roofing project.

We’ll come out before the roofer to map and review your current layout, delicately de-install your solar PV system to be stored at a secure location on your property. We’ll remove your solar panels, racking, along with all optimizers, micro inverters and hardware. Once your re-roof is complete we return and quickly re-install your solar system exactly as you had it before.

We alway use new flashing mounts to prevent any leaks. If we find a broken connector or frayed wire we will repair or replace it.

Solar De-install and Re-install Pricing:
1 – 10 solar panels: $185 per panel
11 – 50 solar panels: $160 per panel
51+ solar panels: $140 per panel

Terms: 50% is due before de-install and 50% due before re-install

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