Solar Calculator San Antonio, TXLast Updated: 01/2020
Welcome to the Instant Solar Calculator at This is a basic tool to show basic solar cost and system sizes. Every home is different and will require a custom solar proposal and design before installation. These numbers are based on an average solar installation on a south facing composite shingle roof with minimal shading. If you would like to take the next step and get a free custom solar proposal and design please contact Solar Sean at

The calculations are based upon a standard roof mounted system with Q-Cell 325watt Mono panels.  Different panels brands and sizes are available.

Are you ready to have an expert review your home’s solar potential? Request a custom solar proposal from Solar Sean.

Disclaimer: This calculator was designed for homeowners to get a better idea of the cost of solar in central Texas. These numbers are estimates based on only a few variables. Actual installation costs will vary. If you find any problems with the tool please let us know.