Do you need your main breaker panel replaced?

Has another company told you that it will take months before the city can pull the meter?

Texas Solar Guys was one of the few companies accepted into Austin Energy’s new meter disconnect program allowing us to pull the meters for certain service upgrades within a few weeks.

There are some limitations to this service.

We’re only upgrading residential main breaker panels on the exterior of your house. We are not replacing or moving meter cans. Austin Energy has the final say on weather your upgrade will be allowed under this program. We can only do upgrades on Wednesdays, Austin Energy requirement.

Our starting price for this service is $2700, which includes everything.

Permits, Inspections, new main service panel with new main breaker, new service breakers, whole home surge protector, 2/0 Copper main wires and grounding rods.

We can also install transfer switches or service disconnects between your meter and main service panel.

We would need photos of your current setup to confirm that it can be included in this program.

Call 512-565-4767 to get your electrical service updated!