Texas Solar Guys GuaranteeTexas Solar Guys guarantees the first year solar production will be 90% of the estimated annual production. If your solar system fails to meet the guaranteed annual minimum production in kWh then Texas Solar Guys will send you a check for the difference in production at a rate of 20 cents per kWh.

The guaranteed production amount is based upon the monitored kWh production by the inverters built in monitoring system. Texas Solar Guys must have year round access to this monitoring setup. Loss of access to the monitoring system by Texas Solar Guys will void the guarantee. Any tampering or modification to your solar system will also void this guarantee.

To qualify for the guarantee you must send a copy of your electric bill 1 year after installation to [email protected]. You will have 60 days after the 1 year installation anniversary to send in your electric bills.

On every proposal and agreement we list the estimated annual kWh production of your solar system. These estimates are based upon local solar resource data from the latest NREL National Solar Radiation Database as calculated by PVWatts.nrel.gov.

Our numbers are accurate, we guarantee!