DIY Solar install in Dripping Springs with PEC

DIY Solar Install in Dripping Springs

Mr. T wanted to install a 15KW DIY solar system on his roof. He contacted Wholesale Solar and ordered all the panels, inverters, and rails needed to do his install. But he wanted a little help from someone whose done this before so he posted an ad on Craigslist. One of our installer saw this ad and said we can help Mr. T. We spoke with Mr. T about what he was looking for, reviewed his packing list and prepared a design. He loved it!

We did need to order a few more parts go with the design but after PEC approved the install we got to work. Mr. T was very excited and leaned a hand where he could and had no issues jumping up on the roof to make sure everything was as he wanted it.

The install took 2 days and was made up of 50 – SolarWorld 300 watt panels with 2 – Solar Edge 7.6KW HD Wave inverters.

Mr. T is very happy with his system.

Sean and team installed a 15kw system on the house and worked with me to install the supporting infrastructure all in one weekend. The job was particular because I had run all of the conduit in the walls so no wiring would be exposed. Their work was excellent and the system has been producing flawless since. I’m very, very pleased with their work and highly recommend them.