Texas Solar Guys Installs

Old Sol-Ark 3000W Inverter Repair

We had a customer north of Austin call us asking is we could troubleshoot their inverter. Texas Solar Guys can work on any inverter setup. An on occasion we do come across a setup we’ve […]

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Alternative Solar – Out of Business

Being a solar installer that also does solar repairs we find out pretty quick when another solar installer goes out of business. About 2 months ago we started getting phone calls from Customers of Alternative […]


Enphase Load Controller

As more parts of life become electrified, from cooking to commuting, families need to trust their power is available, whether connected to the grid or not. With that in mind, we’re rolling out industry-first functionality […]

Texas Solar Talks

Enphase IQ-8A Micro inverter

The IQ8A Microinverters are the industry’s first grid-forming microinverters with split-phase power conversion capability to convert DC power to AC power efficiently. The brain of the semiconductor-based microinverter is our proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) […]