40kWh battery backup with 20.8kW of solar

When you need power and capacity you need to go big with your battery. The new Enphase 5P battery setup has great max power output and is expandable upto 80kWh per system controller. With this 40kwh setup the homeowner will have 128amp of continuous power from the battery allow with a limited peak of 200amp. That means over night they can run most everything in their home. Now during the daytime they will have access to not only the batteries max output but the combination of solar and battery when the grid is down.

This homeowner had 2 load centers. Texas Solar Guys worked with the homeowner to move circuits so they would have a backup panel and a non-back up panel. It was also requested that we add generator interlock kits to both load centers to allow for a portable generator to be used in extreme emergencies