Amazing Solar install South of Austin

Texas Solar Guys install a 11.34 KW Solar array in Buda Texas on a metal roof. Using 36 Hanwha Q-Cell 315 watt all black solar panels paired with Enphase IQ-7 micro inverters. The solar setup will produce around 15,000 kWh per year. The homeowners are able to monitor panel level solar production along with household consumption using Enphase’s MyEnlighten app. Get started by requesting a Custom Solar Proposal.

I had been interested in Solar energy for a quite few years, and always knew it was something I would eventually commit to having installed. I wanted to make certain that the time was right, and also to find the right company to do the work.

After speaking with several companies, Texas Solar Guys provided the most direct and honest information about all aspects of the process, and what to expect once the project was complete. I had a TON of questions, and they managed to answered them all!!

The proposal was straight forward and once we signed everything Texas Solar Guys received the approval from our electric company (PEC) in one day. Texas Solar Guys also provided me with the information to get the approval from our Home Owners Association and they approved the plans quickly and with no issues. The Solar install took one day and we were up and going!

We had the install on August 19, but I wanted to wait to see what our electric bill would look like and how much we would actually save before posting a review. The first full month electric bill (September 2019) was $83.21 (September 2018 it was -$186.95), and second month on the system ( October 2019) the bill was $56.49 (October 2018 it was -$155.65). Needless to say that we are THRILLED, and delighted to have Solar energy!

Texas Solar Guys gave us a drone-shot of our solar panels, and a login for a website/phone APP where we can view the Solar energy produced by our system, and the amount of energy we consume.