Solar System Repair in San Antonio

Inside Solar inverter
Delta inverter
Delta Inverter Before repair

Mr and Mrs H. had a system installed a 2 years ago by Air, Wind and Solar. Unfortunately the system only worked for a month before it stopped. After many attempts to have the system repaired by Air Wind and Solar, Mrs H. contacted Texas Solar Guys to come take a look at her system. The panels were fine, the inverter was fine but all the fuses inside the inverter had blown. We determined that the installer used 15 amp fuse yet they combined the strings together which have a max output of 16 amps on sunny days. Seems like an easy fix to simply replace the 15 amp fuses with 20 amp fuses to cover the load. Except the Solar Panels carry a long warranty and must have a max 15amp over current protection.

It was decided that we add a combiner box and fuses on the roof and rerun the wires to the Delta inverter. At this point Mr and Mrs H. had hired a lawyer.

Texas Solar Guys worked with the lawyer to get all the details need for the case. Which last we heard was ruled in favor of Mr and Mrs H.

If you have any issues with your solar system give Texas Solar Guys a call.