What is the advantage of Enphase Battery over Tesla Power Wall?

1) At Enphase, customer safety is our #1 priority. That is why our batteries are AC coupled and operate at the lowest DC voltages in the industry. Besides, Our battery chemistry is LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate), one of the safest battery technologies today in terms of fire safety. We are one of the companies to meet the UL9540A fire safety standard.

2) Enphase is a one-stop-shop for Solar and Storage. The monitoring of the system is through a single app. The product quality and customer support are managed by one company- Enphase.

3) With Enphase, you can go off-grid via the mobile app. With this, you can simulate a blackout condition and ensure you are prepared when a real blackout does occur. This gives you complete freedom. A snapshot of this feature can be seen in the picture below.

4) Our battery system is modular, with the lowest capacity being 3.34kWh. Many companies push customers to unnecessarily oversize their storage systems. With Enphase, you have the freedom to choose a battery size that fits your requirements, and the cool part is you can always add more capacity when you need it!

5) At Enphase, our biggest strength with Microinverter technology has been the reliability and no single point of failure. The same applies to our batteries since each 3.34kWh battery has 4 IQ8s in it. Any Micro failure would mean less power, but not a complete shutdown, unlike some of the other battery suppliers. For example, in a typical 10KWh system, there are 12 micros. If one microinverter fails, you will still have about 92% of the power available.

6) Another significant advantage with the Enphase battery is the ability to run heavy-duty appliances such as well pumps and pool pumps. On-air conditioning units, a soft starter, can be used, and this enables the battery size to be optimized. This is possible due to our brownout capability.

7) Finally, we offer complete total transparency using our Enlighten monitoring software. Whether it is a detailed performance of every inverter in the battery, the software revisions you have or the micro-grid voltage/frequency – our app will tell you like it is!

Original Post by Umesh Menon on Enphase Community