What Is the Ideal Location for Solar Panels in Texas?

solar panels on a residential roof

The continued campaign to invest in renewable energy has led to the increase of solar panels in Texas. With zero raw fuel costs, limited environmental issues, and a considerable supply of power, solar power is readily available for many homes. As you plan for the ideal solar panel installation project, seek expert advice. You need the help of professional technicians in installing a solar energy system suitable for your home.

What Determines Solar Panel Location?

The experts consider several factors like the appropriate mounting systems for sloped or flat roofs, the type of solar panel, the power output needed, and more within your budget. However, to optimize energy production for your home, solar panels should face and be tilted in the correct position to harness and maximize sunlight reception. Different regions and roof designs contribute to the incline of the panels to allow the system’s face to receive direct sunlight. 

Your roof structure is not the only determining factor. Your rate structure with your utility company is another critical feature to consider. For example, if you have a time-of-use (TOU) structure where you are charged more for using electricity in peak hours, tilting your solar panel’s location to capture more sunlight during TOU produces more energy. This will help you save more on utility bills.

Orientation of Solar Panels in Texas

Solar panel location and durability is a critical factor determining the efficiency and longevity of their output. While not always possible due to existing roof direction, optimized production is achieved by considering the average latitude of the sun during the two extreme seasons of winter and summer when installing. Your technician will help design your system regarding the sun’s location, enhancing your solar production all year round.

In Texas, homeowners should install solar panels facing south. Panels produce and work best in this region when tilted toward the true south. The sun in this location has a southern offset, and solar panels that face south receive direct sunlight throughout the day. The ideal tilt angle for your solar panels is 30 degrees but varies depending on your home’s direction from true south. Our solar consultants are trained in designing the optimal system for your home or business taking into account all factors that will affect your solar production.
To better understand the ideal design of your home solar system, or commercial solar services in Texas, reach out to us today to receive a solar system estimate.