The Future of Solar Power

Engineers discuss the future of solar.

As more people continue to turn toward renewable energy sources to phase out fossil fuels, scientists are developing innovations in solar technology that might sound straight out of science fiction but are 100% real. From new ways of harvesting light from the sun to new forms of solar panels, the world of solar energy will look a lot different in the coming decade. Here’s a look at some of the new solar power innovations that will be shaping the world of green energy in the years to come.

Solar Energy From Other Light Spectrums

One of the most significant innovations in solar technology involves obtaining power from other light spectrums. Currently, solar panels absorb light from the visible spectrum of light. However, there are different spectrums than just visible light, which aren’t being absorbed for energy; until now.

By combining inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals with organic molecules and utilizing new materials, such as titanium, scientists have developed semiconductors capable of upconverting photons in both visible and infrared light spectrums. As a result, this innovation in solar technology will allow solar panels to convert a new type of light into energy that photovoltaic cells can absorb, increasing the overall efficiency of the panels.

Obtaining Solar Energy From Biological Sources

Another kind of innovation in solar technology is the creation of bio solar cells. Scientists have been able to develop panels that generate electricity by utilizing the photosynthesis and respiratory activities of cyanobacteria. This kind of bacteria is found in many locations around the world, making it a green energy source. However, while developments are still being made, it isn’t a practical energy source just yet.

Other scientists have made innovations in solar technology using bioelectrical systems. Enzymes, microbes, and other systems can create electrochemical reactions to produce energy, but scientists are having difficulty developing solar cells using this technique.

Solar Power is Taking New Forms and Shapes

While solar panels are the premier form of solar energy, new technology will help further develop solar panels. Here are a few advancements you can expect to see in the coming years:

  • Solar film is printed in rolls and dramatically reduces the cost of solar panels, and comes in a much smaller size.
  • Solar paint looks very similar to regular paint, except it has countless light-sensitive materials used to harness the sun’s power. It may not be as effective as traditional solar panels and more research and testing 
  • Solar windows, which can absorb light to make electricity but remain see-through. Some scientists have developed solar windows that can change from transparent to tinted to absorb light better.
  • Solar hairs are light-absorbing nanowires on a carbon nanotube fabric capable of absorbing more energy than silicone can.

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