Old Sol-Ark 3000W Inverter Repair

We had a customer north of Austin call us asking is we could troubleshoot their inverter. Texas Solar Guys can work on any inverter setup. An on occasion we do come across a setup we’ve never seen before. While we’ve been installing Sol-Ark for years we’d never seen this setup before. This was one of the first Sol-Ark branded (Portable Solar) inverters, Serial number 46, produced in 2017. We’re uploading these photos for anyone trying to work on one of these setups. Here is a link to the Sol-Ark 3K manual for this inverter. Had to request it form Sol-Ark since it wasn’t posted online anywhere.

After reviewing the setup onsite during a service call we could see the charge controller was faulty and need to be replaced. We found a Renogy 60A MPPT Charge Controller fit perfectly into the existing space. Now this family is back up and running on solar power.

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