Solar Tear Down and Rebuild in New Braunfels

The previous homeowner built his own DIY solar ground mount using old oil well pipe. The system was intended to be a tracking system but everything was rusted together. The New Homeowner asked that we remove the old 6.1KW solar install and rebuild a new 13.48KW reusing the old solar panels and SolarEdge inverter.

The project took a few days to complete. After we removed the old panels and inverter the old metal ground mount was cut apart and recycled. We then cleared the new space for the IronRidge ground mount. Using 3 inch pipe for the support we poured the concrete and gave everything time to setup. the following day we were able to assemble the racking, mount the optimizers and panels. The old system was remounted along with the old inverter. The new addition was mounted and connected to a new SolarEdge inverter. Everything was tested and inspected before being turned on.

The Old 6.1KW Solar Ground Mount:

IronRidge Racking Install:

The New 13.48KW Solar Ground Mount:

I wanted to comment on Sean and the Texas Solar guys. If you’re looking for a professional company that does excellent work for good reasonable price then you have found the team you are looking for. Sean and his team took my system that was in need of repair and completely overhauled it adding additional panels taking my system from a 6KW that was only producing 3KW to a new 15KW system. Wow, price was excellent, work was outstanding and I now have a system that functions as it should. The took the old home made rack system apart and removed it from my property. Previous house owner used oil well piping and created a Frankenstein of a rack system. It is gone and in its place a perfectly angled rack mounted system that will provide years of use and easy maintenance. To Sean and his team: You guys rock!
Thanks, Larry