South Austin Solar Re-Roof

We love helping homeowners with their solar projects. With this project it wasn’t the homeowner that contacted Texas Solar Guys but the former salesman who sold the homeowner the solar system. The company that did the original solar install, Global Efficient Energy (Changed to EnviSmart, now EnviroSolar), refused to honor the sales pitch that they would remove panels for free for re-roofing.

By the time Texas Solar Guys was contacted Mrs. M was in the process of selling her home after the death of her husband. As part of the sell the buyers requested a new roof be installed. Mrs. M had already called all the major installers in Austin. Many refused to help her and others said it would be months before they could help.

With 5 days before the scheduled re-roof we received a call asking if we could help. After a quick conversation and a look at the overview photo. We got Mrs. M on the schedule for a solar de-install.

The system was had 37 Solar World panels with a SolarEdge 10KW inverter. We photographed the system before it was removed. The panels were stored in the backyard along with the rails. We left the optimizers on the rails to ensure that the monitoring system would remain accurate. During the removal we found one connector had been chewed on, we replaced it as part of the project.

The following day Wilson Roofing was onsite to replace the roof. They did a fast and proper job.

Texas Solar Guys returned a few days later after the shingles had time to settle to re-install the solar system. We used all new flashing for the rails and re-installed the panels in the exact placement as the original installation. Once everything was wired up we turned the inverter back on to confirm all 37 optimizers were connected and producing.

Mrs. M closed on the house the following week to move closer to her family in Dallas.