Sunpower Solar panel Reinstall in Buda with PEC

Buda Sunpower Solar Reinstall

Mr. H found Texas Solar Guys online after talking with multiple solar installer about reinstalling his 10 yr old Sunpower Solar system. After moving from the big city to Buda to expand his party rental business, Mr. H was smart enough to know that the solar system he had installed on his old home still had many years of life left.

Texas Solar Guys took a look at the parts that he had, 20 – 210 watt Sunpower modules and a 3KW SMA SunnyBoy inverter along with the old rails. Everything was still in great shape. We prepared a design for Mr. H to review and approve. He already has the HOA approval for the install Texas Solar Guys just need to do the paperwork with the PEC for the interconnection, which was very fast.

Within a few weeks Texas Solar Guys was out installing the old Sunpower solar system. The inverter did have a few issues which were fixed quickly and the system has been producing since.

If you need to move a system or reinstall and older system give Texas Solar Guys a call.