9.24 KW LG Solar Panel Install with Austin Energy

Mr. V had requested a quote from Texas Solar Guys through EnergySage along with many other installers. After a little back and forth about the type of panel and inverter he wanted we came to an agreement on the pricing that worked for both of us.

Once Mr. V was ready to move forward we came on site and did a site assessment to make sure the preliminary design fit on the roof and we inspected his electrical setup. taking many photos for your designers. Since Mr. V wanted the $2500 Austin Energy solar rebate he had to go through Austin Energy Solar Education course. A simple presentation about things to know for solar installs followed by 10 multiple choice questions.

Mr. V decided to have 28 – LG 330watt solar panels installed because of the 25 year full warranty they carry.

When Austin Energy approved the system and rebate Texas Solar Guys had the system installed in no time but we had to wait a week for the inspection and another 2 weeks for the meter to be installed since Austin Energy was busy with all the end of the year projects.

The system is now full installed and operational with Panel level monitoring through the SolarEdge app.

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From Mr. V:

“Sean and Texas Solar Guys came out and installed a 9.3kW system at my Northwest Hills Home in late 2018. I received many quotes, and Sean beat them all by a notable margin with the longest hardware and service warranties. He also promised a faster delivery (he beat estimates there). Most standout was Sean’s patience and detail with my myriad of technical questions, and he was extremely flexible on my specific equipment desires.

I felt like I had a true partner the entire time. There were no hidden fees, and I received extra things I didn’t intend on including a whole-home surge protector and a generous offer to install my Sense monitoring system (which I bought from Amazon, not him). Also included were the ZigBee gateway equipment for the SolarEdge unit. All of that was included in the base cost, ZERO extra costs which I imagine would’ve easily added up with other contractors. Sean could’ve nickel and dimed me for this stuff, but he never did!

His crew was extra friendly and they installed on my very steep and dangerous roof in less time than quoted. The system has delivered and been trouble-free and very productive in the three months I’ve owned it, far exceeding my expectations. After a few weeks, I wrote Sean a crazy long email asking a billion very Scientific questions. I received a response that day (a Sunday) with a very thoughtful and detailed response, that’s when you know someone just cares about their product and their customers.

I’ve had a lot of work/projects done at my home, and I can say this whole-heartedly, Sean and TSG has been one of the best, most communicative and most reliable contractors I’ve ever worked with. It’s rare to get the best price with world-class support and quickest service.”