9.57KW Solar Install in San Antonio

CPS Solar Install

By the time Mr. H contacted Texas Solar Guys he had already received quotes from 5 other installation companies. None of them could do the install with LG panels for the right price. Texas Solar Guys offered the pricing that allows Mr. H to see the system cash flow positive in 2 years with a total return on the investment within 8 years.

We installed 29 LG 330watt Neon2 Solar Panels on 3 roof faces paired with a 10KW SolarEdge Power Optimizer inverter.

Since this was a CPS system it required that Mr. H had a main disconnect added to Main Breaker Panel. When we had CPS come to pull the meter to allow us to work on the main breaker panel de-energized. It was discovered that the Internals of the CPS meter can had burnt parts from a poor electrical connection. This lead to electrical arcing in the can which welded the screws to the wire coming from the CPS transformer. There were replacement parts onsite and the internals of the meter can were quickly swapped out and we were back up and running within 30 mins.

The install took 2 days and CPS came out to inspect the system and install the new meters a week later.

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