Three Round Rock Neighbors Go Solar With Texas Solar Guys

Round Rock Solar Installs

Originally we were contacted by Mr. M for a system on his home in a gated community in Round Rock. After we sent him our quote he was so happy with our pricing and the Oncor incentive he asked if we would come talk with a couple of his neighbors about doing multiple projects at the same time.

We were happy to come visit with the group of 3, all electrical engineers. They had many questions about the LG 330 watt panels that we quoted and the different type of inverters, SolarEdge vs. Enphase. We discussed everything in detail that evening and after a few days all three came back ready to go. By grouping the projects we were able to offer even better pricing than normal.

Once all the paperwork was signed and the Oncor incentives secured we got the 3 projects on our schedule back to back so we could get them all done quickly.

The trio decided to go with LG 330 watt Neon 2 Panels with a full 25 year product and performance warranty along with Enphase IQ-7 PLUS micro inverters to allow for panels level monitoring and household consumption monitoring.

Three more great installs by Texas Solar Guys!