Solar Ground Mount in Boerne with Bandera Electric Coop

Boerne Solar Install

Sometimes it take a while for homeowners to make the decision to go solar. With this install in Boerne the homeowner Mr. R knew he wanted to go solar he was just waiting for the right timing, the right design and the right solar company.

He was very specific that he wanted a raised ground mount just behind his home to build a deck under. We wanted to keep his great hill country views.

The design required a little extra engineering and a lot of digging. If you haven’t been out to Boerne yet they have limestone, lots of limestone. Mr. R built his home on a limestone shelf. We needed to set 10 posts for the ground mount and needed 4ft deep holes through solid limestone. So we called upon Chili at Git-R-Dug to bore the 12inch holes and set the 20 ft posts. They did a great job!

After the concrete set the fun didn’t end. Being a raised system required a bit more time and a scissor lift to help get all the parts up to the free standing structure. 50 – Mission 350 watt panels paired with 2 – SolarEdge Power Optimizer inverters interconnected to Bandera Electric Coop.

17.5 kW with an estimate annual production of 26,903 kWh