Austin Energy Enphase Backup install

For this install Texas Solar Guys installed 52- 400 watt solar panels, a 20.8KW solar setup. In addition to the solar we install 20 kWh of battery backup, 3 – soft starters for the HVAC units and a load controller to automatically turn off the larger HVAC unit when the system goes off grid. With the Enphase Load controller we can allow the homeowner to controller the equipment with their phones thru the Enphase App.

At Texas Solar Guys we can help keep you running when the grid goes down.

Great solar installation

“Texas Solar Guys did a great job installing 52 solar panels on our home with 2 backup batteries. They were professional and responsive to our requests. On top of that, they were significantly less expensive than one of their competitors for exactly the same equipment. The system has worked perfectly over the past 5 months.”