Go Solar With Austin Energy Solar Rebate and Oncor Solar Incentives

Going solar is one of the best decisions you can make as a property owner in Texas. With the several benefits of solar energy, you won’t regret investing in solar. 

Since solar panels are not cheap, you might be scared away from the idea of going solar in your home or business. But you don’t have to back out from enjoying the great benefits of solar as you can leverage solar rebates and incentives. 

Solar rebates and incentives are programs to relieve the burden of the high costs of solar panels and even batteries and encourage broader adoption of solar energy.

This article takes a look into how you can get solar rebates from Austin Energy and Oncor and how you can use the Federal Tax for your solar panels and solar batteries. 

Austin Energy Solar Rebate

If you are planning on installing solar on your property in Texas and need a rebate, Austin Energy has got you covered. With a rebate worth $2500 for residential solar installations, Austin Energy can help incentivize your solar installation. 

However, keying into this rebate might not be a simple task and comes with a few requirements. Some of the requirements to be eligible for Austin’s solar rebate are:

  • You must be a residential customer of Austin Energy
  • Your installation must meet the size and shading requirements
  • You must have completed the online solar education course
  • You must hire a participating contractor with Austin Energy’s Solar Rebate program for your solar project

Also, your installer is required to apply for the rebate and wait for a confirmation from Austin Energy before going on with the installation process. It is also worth noting that only new solar systems and solar expansions over 3kW are qualified for the rebate. 

While it may sound like a lot of stress to qualify for a rebate, it is ultimately worth it. 

Why an Online Solar Course?

It is quite rare to come across a solar rebate program that requires completing an online solar education, but the education is for your benefit. 

Solar panel installation and maintenance are not what everyone understands. Hence, Austin Energy’s online education course is to equip you with an understanding of the system thanks to a 10-question quiz. 

How to Apply For the Solar Rebate

Once you have completed the online course, the next step is to locate an eligible solar installer, such as Texas Solar Guys. We will ask for your Solar Education Confirmation Number and apply for the rebate on your behalf. 

Once the application is approved, Austin Energy will send you a confirmation letter to proceed with the installation. Upon successfully installing your solar system, the utility company will come for an inspection and install a meter, after which you will receive your $2,500 rebate check. 

Oncor Energy Solar Incentive

Oncor is a utility company you can look up to for a solar incentive in Texas. Oncor’s solar incentivizes homes with a solar system and energy storage. This incentive, up to $9,000, aims to reduce the initial cost of solar installations within Oncor’s service area.

Like other rebate or incentive programs, Oncor Energy’s solar incentive has a few requirements. Requirements to meet to qualify for Oncor Energy’s solar incentive include:

  • The system must be new
  • The home must fall within Oncor’s service area
  • The system must meet the size requirements (3 KW DC to 15 KW DC)
  • The solar system must have an energy storage system 

How to Apply for Oncor Solar Incentive

Applying for Oncor’s solar incentive is a walk in the park for homeowners, as they are not the ones to apply for the program. Qualified homeowners interested in Oncor’s solar incentive are to contact their solar installers to apply for the incentive. 

When you contact us at Texas Solar Guys for your Oncor solar incentive, we will educate you on all you need to know about Oncor’s program. We will discuss the requirements and help evaluate your incentive based on your property and system size. 

Using Federal Tax Credit for Your Solar System and Batteries

When you install a solar system on your property, it makes sense to pair it with battery storage. This is necessary as your solar system cannot produce electricity at night, requiring that you fall back on another source of electricity. 

Solar storage helps store electricity produced by your solar system during the generation period so you can use it when there is no generation. 

However, solar batteries are not cheap, and this can deter owners of solar systems from installing solar storage. This is where the Federal Tax Credit comes in. 

The Federal Tax Credit is another form of incentive provided by the U.S. government to encourage citizens to invest in renewable energy like solar. Fortunately, the Federal Tax Credit was amended in 2018 to include solar batteries. 

This means you can enjoy the 30% tax credit on your residential or commercial solar panels and batteries.

Going solar is one great investment you can make on your property, and there is no better time to invest in solar than now. With the many incentives available to ease solar installation costs, it makes sense to go renewable and invest in solar now. 

Austin Energy’s solar rebate and Oncor’s solar incentive are programs you can leverage to cut back on the cost of your solar system. 

Are you considering going solar but don’t know where to start, especially with applying for incentives? Contact us at Texas Solar Guys. At Texas Solar Guys, we are a reputable solar installation contractor in Texas.